Psychotherapy Section pages: background and technical info.

Last updated 22.ix.96

This service was first started on the computer unit's central server in July 1995 and its first birthday coincided with the transfer of the site from that server to my own NT machine. See previous progress reports and news flashes. This page has a bit of info. about the technicalities that used to be on the home page but doesn't really belong there!

Courtesy of Excite we have a professional looking search engine {1kb} but it's not entirely satisfactory and isn't <HEAD> keyword aware so I'll still have to resurrect the keyword searcher I wrote and lost in the computer unit hard disc crash (so much for my and their backup strategies!). The original keyword aware engine was Aliweb which still offers a reasonable search engine for sites like this that are registered with it. You can restrict the search to the domain "" on their search form if you want to search this site alone. They don't yet have phrase or Boolean searching and don't look like adding them so you might do better with the very fast Altavista which is now keyword aware. However, that's not obeying robot exclusion protocols which means its index for this site shows the visit statistics files it shouldn't be touching!

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