The WWW Mail Gateway 2.2

The To: field should contain the full E-mail address that you want to mail to. The Your Email: field needs to contain your mail address so replies go to the right place. Type your message into the text area below. If the To: field is invalid, or the mail bounces for some reason, you will receive notification if Your Email: is set correctly. If Your Email: is set incorrectly, all bounced mail will be sent to the bit bucket.

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Information about the WWW Mail Gateway

Sadly, this is all hopelessly out of date and has only got http 404 ("object not found") errors for a long time now so don't use it.
I leave it here as it seems only fair to Doug Stevenson that we continue to acknowledge his creation of the script.

was <A HREF=""> About the WWW Mail Gateway </A>
was <A HREF=""> New in version </A>
was < HREF=""> Please report misuse!was </A>
was <A HREF="/~doug/">Doug Stevenson: was </A>