The WWW Mail Gateway 2.2

The To: field below is who you want to Email. At the moment, both options there come to me.

The Your Email: field must contain your mail address so I can reply to you!

Please get your Email right: just the Email. Put your name in the body of your message. I hate wasting time replying to people only to find that they've put an Email address in there that fails. If you haven't heard from me in a week, you have almost certainly given me a failing Email as I'm pretty good at replying to these messages. Send again.

Type your message into the text area below. If you are writing about the BSQ (Body Shape Questionnaire) please tell me a bit about yourself, where you are, what you are doing. Please also remember that I mount the BSQ material and do try to answer Emails because I like the measure and have permission from its authors to answer for them as they don't have time. That doesn't mean I have much time for this so don't ask me to do things that your supervisor should be doing!

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Information about the WWW Mail Gateway

Sadly, this is all hopelessly out of date and has only got http 404 ("object not found") errors for a long time now so don't use it.
I leave it here as it seems only fair to Doug Stevenson that we continue to acknowledge his creation of the script.

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