Publication of 35 years of Family Process on CD-ROM

There is new information about this at: (18.i.97)

Received from the A.A.M.F.T. (American Association of Marital and Family Therapy) list (mftnet%UORDBV.BITNET)

Family Process is creating a CD-ROM of its entire body of work. In 1996, this will be 35 years of publication. The CD will enclude every word from every issue, including tables, charts and bibliographic information. It will be fully searchable. You can find something, print it if you wish, and use it without leaving your desk. If you are interested, FP is currently accepting pre-publication (and pre-marketing) orders from individuals at $199. That is 35 complete years of Family Process, every issue ever published, for $199. There are to be annual updates available, with discounts for those also subscribing to the the paper edition, so you can continue to have a complete and up to date CD.

Contact Paul Eckstein at 76050.2520@COMPUSERVE.COM or at:

Family Process, Inc.,
P.O. Box 460,
NJ 07462
(201) 764-1026

There is to be a demonstration prototype CD at AAMFT in Baltimore (the Family Process booth, #209). If you have any reactions, questions or suggestions you would like to pass on, you can reach Paul at the addresses above, or me, Robert G. Ryder at 75041.1340@COMPUSERVE.COM

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