R program emulating INGRID, with homage to the late Patrick Slater

Enter a name for the grid:

Enter the grid data, with rows for the constructs separating each rating by any kind of white space and/or <Enter>
(easiest for you if you use space between elements in a construct and <ENTER> to go to next construct):

Number of constructs:
Construct labels (one line for each construct):

Number of elements:
Element labels (one line for each construct):

INGRID uses the highest and lowest ratings in various ways. You must put something here! ...

Highest possible rating/ranking:
Lowest possible rating/ranking:

Finally, this program, unlike the INGRID I remember, will give you a proportion of the construct intercorrelations that are strongest, most positive, most negative and lowest. You control what proportion of all the n.cons*n.cons correlations it'll show you. The default is .2, i.e. 20%.

Note: connection data and the data themselves are logged.