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*** What it is *** How to run it under DOS *** Mac version *** references to it ***

What it is

Omnigrid is a program for analysis of repertory grids originally written for the Macintosh (or perhaps an earlier Apple). At present what I have here is the zipped archive of the program as translated for the PC which can be downloaded from {105kb}

How to run it under DOS

If you download and unzip this you will find a file inside it called MANUAL.TXT which tells you about the program. The instructions assume that you will copy everything onto a bootable floppy and boot that to start the program. In fact most people are likely to prefer to run it by simply unzipping everything to a directory (folder in Win95 speak) of its own and either running OMNIGRID.PIF from windows or typing "go" at the DOS prompt.

I will mount pointers to an American location to reduce transAtlantic bandwidth when I can find one. I understand that the snail mail distribution of the program is handled by Kenneth Sewell who did the translation from the Mac to PC and who can be reached at:

If you are looking for the latest version by snail mail note that you will have to give Kenneth your snail mail address (!) and that they charge a $10 handling fee payable on receipt and also note that the program is (according to his grad. student who handles the distribution) "shareware", i.e. you should pay them even if you get the software from here.

Mac version

I'm also mounting a copy of the latest Mac version direct from Jack Adams-Webber (he is emphatically _NOT_ interested in the PC version!). I enclose the following from him:
Date:          Fri, 1 Mar 1996 08:57:41 -0500
From: (Jack Adams-Webber)
Subject:       Re: OMNIGRID info

Brief update on the Macintosh version of OMNIGRID:

1. It will not work with Hypercard Player (Player does not 'write';
consequently, you will not be able to create new subject cards).

2. If you are using a system more advanced than 7.1, you may need to
update your version of Hypercard.

3. Please do not hestitate to report any bugs (preferably by e-mail).
Although this is unsupported 'shareware', we might be able to help you
sort them out.

4. If it is running OK, and you are getting some use out of it, we
should not mind hearing about it.

Jack Adams-Webber                   Tel:  905 (688) 5544 [x 3714]
Department of Psychology            Fax:  905 (688) 6922 
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario CANADA L2S 3A1
I have mounted it roughly as it was sent to me, as four binhexed files. With the help of Kit Chung here in the computer unit I have seen it unpacked and running but we neither of us had time to check it out in depth. Looked friendly and impressive for the few bits I saw though! I gather that it is a hypercard stack and that it uses the hypercard program that comes with the Mac OS. Here are the files in the raw (which doesn't seem very helpful under Netscape as it decides just to show me the raw ASCII of the files):
bytes  file
515239 OmniGrid Experiment Template.hqx {515kb}
239989 OmniGrid Help.hqx {239kb}
 49149 OmniGrid Subject Template.hqx {49kb}
550525 OmniGrid.hqx {550kb}
Whereas this should invoke ftp transfers to your machine
If you want to avoid those filenames with spaces in them use:
bytes  file
515239 OmniETem.hqx {515kb}
239989 OmniHelp.hqx {239kb}
 49149 OmniSTem.hqx {49kb}
or ftp:
Hm, no matter how much I flush the Netscape caches or change the settings for the hqx extension I cannot stop Netscape showing me those on the screen. I suggest that if you have a true ftp program then you point it at:
and use the usual anonymous login conventions and download the files from:
I'll just have to hope that you Mac users out there can download these files succesfully and convert them. Best of luck!


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