The International Journal for Therapeutic and Supportive Organizations

established 1980

A lively multidisciplinary journal for therapists, team members, managers and trainers who want to share a psychodynamic understanding of what happens in groups, teams & organisations.


David Kennard, The Retreat, York

Editorial Team:

Jay Smith, Community Psychiatry Research Unit, London

Peter Griffiths, The Cassel Hospital

Bill Barnes-Gutteridge, University of Stirling

Bridget Dolan, St George's Hospital Medical School and Henderson Hospital

Bob Hinshelwood, The Cassel Hospital

Anne Jenins, NEWPIN

Adrian Ward, University of Reading.

The Journal seeks to disseminate knowledge and experience to readers who are involved in the delivery, management, development, or design of care systems that are supportive, rehabilitative, educational, enabling or therapeutic.

It takes a positive and lively approach in seeking to develop awareness of the psychodynamics of what happens across a wide range of social/professional contexts. This takes in many levels of human experience, from the intrapsychic and interpersonal to the group or team the organisation and the wider political system.

A particular feature of the Journal is its concern with exploring psycho-social relations in a changing world, understanding conflict and stress, and exploring the relationship between individual experience, collective responsibility and empowerment, in clients and staff.

A sample of papers in last year's volume

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Sue Matoff, Journal Administrator,
Association of Therapeutic Communities,
13-15 Pine Street, London EC1R 0JH, UK

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