Alan Stone's address on the status of psychoanalysis as a science


On the 9th of December 1996, Alan Stone gave a keynote address to the American Academy of Psychoanalysis in which he argues that psychoanalysis is not a science as it doesn't appear to have grown in the manner of "standing on shoulders" that Stone feels is necessary for something to be a science.

I'm mounting a mirror here as I found the original, beautifully mounted at the Harvard site, was sometimes difficult to get, and as I believe that Stone raises many important issues (though I fairly fundamentally disagree with him!).

I'm keen to mount any responses to Stone who's authors are willing for this to happen. I have taken it that all who have their responses already mounted at the Harvard site have, in effect, given tacit permission for broadcast of their work (as I don't have any way of contacting them). If any disagree I will remove their work.