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“Don’t fence me in”

By on Friday 12 January 2018

I had a wonderful experience last night.  “Don’t fence me in” is the title of a documentary film by Charles Maplestone, see page at Malachite Art Films. The British Library hosted a first public screening last night and early evening, in the hell of the London rush hours, I cycled across a drizzly and cold London from Roehampton to to the BL to get...

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Internal (neurotic? psychotic?) insecurities and the appeal of maths

By on Monday 8 January 2018

One week gone of 2018’s 52.  One of my new year resolutions was to try to keep this blog going a bit less erratically than I have been doing. Shouldn’t be difficult: set the bar really low and I should be able to jump it! Something that’s been swimming around in my mind this week has been how much I yearn to use maths, typically statistics,...

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Reviewing 2017 and resolutions for 2018

By on Tuesday 2 January 2018

2017 was a funny old year from my point of view.  I didn’t redo a real cycling pilgrimage which was right; I gave up being an employed academic after only one academic year in which that had been my sole job, that too was right; I did clear a bit of the research backlog that has accumulated in some very slowly accelerating landslide, over the last decade or...

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