Free Web Browser Enables Sharing of Interactive Maths and Technical Data over the Internet

Adept Scientific and MathSoft today announced Mathbrowser, the first World Wide Web (WWW) math software tool that lets students, engineers, scientists and mathematicians interact with 'live,' dynamic documents for global problem solving. With Mathbrowser, the WWW becomes a global electronic whiteboard where technical ideas and expertise can be freely shared for faster solutions and innovation.

Available free of charge from Adept Scientific's WWW Home Page at

or by ftp from

Mathbrowser lets users access a wealth of mathematical reference data and formulas, problem-solving tips, and documents created with MathSoft's Mathcad software, the industry leading technical calculation software. As a "Web-aware" application, Mathbrowser also can link to other Web servers containing Mathcad documents and can read other Web-standard Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents.

The Mathbrowser is a 32-bit Windows application that lets users explore Mathcad's unique 'live' documents over the Internet. It lets users read, analyse, modify and recompute Mathcad documents as well as enabling them to publish their own Mathcad Web documents. Mathbrowser has a computational engine and interface derived from Mathcad, which allows users to edit documents, equations and variables and watch as answers and graphs automatically recalculate themselves.

For example, a researcher can now use the Internet to post calculations about the performance of a new computer processor, or the shape of a virus to colleagues all over the world. Once they have received the Mathcad document, users can interactively change values or formulas and perform their own "what if" analyses using the Mathbrowser. Users may submit Mathcad documents for posting on either on the Adept Scientific or MathSoft Home Pages or on their own WWW servers.

"Our intent is to connect the global community of technical professionals, students and researchers with a standard tool for sharing technical papers and problems using live maths over the Internet,"

said Paul Sloane, Vice President of International Sales for MathSoft .

"We expect Mathbrowser, and ultimately Mathcad itself, to appeal to the millions of people who use mathematics in their jobs, course work and research projects,"

Sloane added.

"We have worked with MathSoft to develop a UK site for Mathcad and Mathbrowser to improve UK accessibility to Mathcad information. We are also keen to see UK and European scientists and engineers involved in the Mathbrowser project so that we can share content related to the standards and methods used on this side of the Atlantic."

said Paul Bragg, Managing Director of Adept Scientific.

Mathbrowser functions like traditional Web browsers such as Mosaic. However, Mathbrowser is tuned for interactive maths and is not intended to replace traditional browsers. It can understand and display a variety of data types including HTML, GIF, AU, and WAV. The Adept Scientific version of the Mathbrowser WWW Home Page is found at

Features include:

MathSoft is a leading developer of technical calculation software and Electronic Books for personal computers. Since its founding in 1984, the company has developed Mathcad for PCs, Macintosh and UNIX workstations and sold more than 500,000 copies. The company has also published more than 50 electronic books.

Adept Scientific is a UK based distributor of software and hardware for technical applications on desktop computers. It is the UK distributor of Mathcad and related electronic books. Adept Scientific also develops the Mathematical Solutions catalogue for MathSoft and publishes the magazine Technical Computing. Transparency Shows: Maths in Cyberspace: Cyberman ( Dr Who's old adversary ) getting to grips with Mathbrowser

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