BSQ English download

Page created, using content from the old site, 5.i.19 updated to get over M$ word format issues 15.iii.20.

The BSQ forms are made available here licensed under the Attribution-NoDerivatives Creative Commons LicenceI.e. no changes to the content of the measures and attribution must be acknowledged when they are used.

This is all the female forms, in Open/LibreOffice, i.e. ODT, format, in one zip file. I have gone to ODT as M$ has decided that its own old format files should not be readily accessible in current versions of Wurd. Wurd should open ODT files if you must use Wurd.

This is just the male versions (they are in the above zipped file).

This is the files in very simple html format, female only I think..

Or, in ODT format, you can download the form(s) you want.

Please note, there are no questions in the 8-C or 8-D versions that need to be tweaked for use with males, hence there are no male versions of these short forms!