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Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) translated into Malay by Kuan Pei Xuan, Ho Hui Lian, Shuhaili Mohamed Shukeri and Siti Alia bt. Abdullah under the supervision of Professor Dr. Henry Rantai Gudum with Chris Evans. It is made available here licensed under the Attribution-NoDerivatives Creative Commons LicenceI.e. no changes to the content of the measures and attribution must be acknowledged when they are used.

The translation of the full BSQ has now been used in a study with 600 students in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and found an internal consistency of .96 (Cronbach’s alpha). See Kuan, P.X., Ho, H.L., Shuhaili, M.S., Siti, A.A. & Gudum, H.R. (2011) Gender Differences in Body Mass Index, Body Weight Perception and Weight Loss Strategies among undergraduates in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition. 17(1):67-75.

This page will contain pointers to the full and all the shortened forms of the Body Shape Questionnaire translated into Malay. Currently I have mounted the full 34 item BSQ only. It is here in the following formats:

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