BSQ Spanish download

Page created, hm, no idea when, last updated to reinstate a form to download 13.iv.20.

Very embarrassingly, many of my early Emails (pre 2017) about the BSQ in Spanish have disappeared but I have accumulated three different translations. I see I Emailed the people I could then see who had contacted me about the Spanish BSQ back in 2017 asking if anyone would claim any of the three versions I have. No-one did so I have no record of who did these translations. That’s not up to my usual record keeping but sadly it’s the truth. If you recognise it as your work, do please contact me. I also have

Click to download BSQFINAL_02_Argentina.doc.

Click to download BSQ_Spanish_Argentina.doc.

Click to download Body-Shape-Questionnaire-original-Paraguay.docx.