Confidence intervals for a sample Cronbach coefficient alpha value

n1 (sample size of first sample):
n2 (sample size of second sample):
The observed alpha value from sample 1:
The observed alpha value from sample 2:
Confidence interval you want (usually 95%):
Decimal places you want for the answers:
This program runs within R ( R is a brilliant open source (i.e. free) statistics package derived from S and related to the equally excellent but not cheap commercial product S+ (

Please note that I accept no responsibility for this script's results. I have enormous faith in R and programming this was trivial but if anything major depends on this, then you need to pay for good statistical support locally.

If you do find an error or problems here tell me!
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Licensing and copying
You can download script that runs this

You will need to understand a bit about R and have David Firth's CGIwithR package to make the script or a derivative of it work on your own server.

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