Shortened forms of the Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) - Wordperfect format files

Page started by Chris Evans in 2008, last updated 8.i.08
These shortened forms of the excellent 34-item Body Shape Questionnaire which is described in:
Cooper, P. J., Taylor, M. J., Cooper, Z. & Fairburn, C.G. (1986) The development and validation of the Body Shape Questionnaire. International Journal of Eating Disorders 6:485-494.

What I have mounted here are the following files:

In the past I have said:

   If you are planning to use this questionnaire in a study, I would
   be very grateful if you would communicate with me so that I can
   give you any advice that may be useful.  I may also be able to
   arrange for scoring and analysis of the questionnaire if you
   don't have the local facilities for this to be done easily.
   I can be reached by snail mail at:
   Rampton Hospital, Retford, Notts. DN22 0PD Britian
   by telephone at [+44|0] 1777 247242 and 'fax at: 
                   [+44|0] 1777 247212 (mark "f.a.o. Chris Evans")">

I haven't worked in body image or eating disorders for over a decade now and the only person who ever took me up on that, did so when I was buried in other work and I was unable to assist them and have now lost contact details with that person (apologies if you do see this, do get back at me if it's still pertinent). However, I do work on psychometrics still so if you're interested in doing a good analysis of moderately large dataset of BSQ34 data to recheck the shortening specification but you need psychometric help, do try Emailing me!

Chris Evans,
Rampton Hospital, Retford, Notts. DN22 0PD Britain
by telephone at [+44|0] 1777 247242
and 'fax at: [+44|0] 1777 247212 (mark "f.a.o. Chris Evans")