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This is a two page, designed in the light of a literature review I conducted which contributed the body of a paper:

Lacey & Evans (1986) The Impulsivist: a multi-impulsive personality disorder British Journal of Addiction 81:641-649

and on further clinical pilot work with Yvonne Searle described in our forthcoming paper in the European Eating Disorders Review. Word97 version

The checklist is copyright but I am happy for anyone to use it provided:

  1. it isn't changed in any way other than to translate it (see below!)
  2. my copyright is clearly marked on it and this statement is made available with the original if you are giving it someone else who might use it
  3. you don't make a profit out of it
  4. you inform me that you are using it
(This requirement is just so that I can try, if I have the resources, to keep people using it aware of each other and up to date with developments. It's unlikely I'm going to be able to do this for non-Email users but very likely I'll manage it for Email users by some form of mail list!). Contact details:
Email: or 'phone/'fax: [+44|1] 181 725 2540
Snail mail to:
Chris Evans
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London SW17 0RE

I am keen that people explore translating it and its cross-cultural applicability (it seems clear to me that patterns of response are likely to be very different in different cultures and even in different subcultures of the white, "first world" populations for which it was developed). If anyone wishes to collaborate on studies of its translation and culture dependence I will be happy to help with data analysis.

Versions mounted here:

I can convert the file to a number of other formats with software I have here but thought these would cover the main requirements. I also have scoring instructions for the questionnaire for use with SPSS and SAS and can easily generate other such files. Do get in touch with me if you want it in another format or use other statistics software and I'll see what I can do to help.
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