Questionnaires used in the Henderson "qualitative" study of measures

Information written and mounted by Chris Evans on 25.v.01, last updated 22.xii.03
These short Word document files are the files which went with various other measures Claire Blount and I distributed in a study of people's reactions to measures commonly used to measure personality disorder or to measure state on entry to treatmennt for personality disorder or to measure change during treatment.

The paper that came out of this is: Blount, C., Evans, C., Birch, S., Warren, F. & Norton, K. (2002) The properties of self-report research measures: beyond psychometrics Psychology and psychotherapy: therapy, research and practice 75:151-164.

I will try to answer any questions anyone may have about the study or these measures. Anyone is welcome to use or adapt these for similar studies provided they contact me for permission first. I can be contacted by Email via the WWW

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