Research tools: questionnaires and interviews etc.

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Update 2.i.14

Happy New Year! Crikey, no updates to the front page in three years: underlines how little time I have had for this site in recent years. There hvave been some changes in the stats pages but nothing much else at all. Anyway, big announcement today is that the CORE instruments are now in full Creative Commons, Attribution, No Derivatives licencing so are free for anyone to reproduce in software as they have always been free to reproduce on paper. Full details on the brand new CORE System Trust (CST) website which will be developing steadily through the year ahead (so probably still few changes here though now I know how to use WordPress, perhaps it's time the whole of were swept away and replaced with something better and of the 21st, not the 20th, Century! Talking of which, here's what's here from the 20th Century!...

I am compiling a library of measures that are (if only tangentially!) pertinent to psychotherapy and counselling practice and research and supporting information including statistics instructions, comparative data, bibliographies etc. To date (28.iv.97) I have only mounted: If you have measures or tools or information that seems pertinent and which is either public domain or "copyleft" (i.e. free or cost-only to distribute and/or use) then get in touch with me and let's add it to this library.