12 Reasons Why an Adult Would Falsely Accuse Her Parents of Incest

© Lynn Crook, (crook@OWT.COM) Adapted by Lynn Crook for "Family Violence and Sexual Assault Bulletin", Volume 11, Number 1-2, 1995, p. 33

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Here's an article that I've distributed at presentations. Most people say "I've read this." However, I "adapted" it a bit and added a few more suggestions. Survivors laugh upon reading the last few items. Which makes this article worth all the energy I put into it!

  1. She need another reason to stay in therapy.
  2. She wanted to be discredited by journalists, talk show hosts, radio interviewers, memory experts, friends, and family members.
  3. She decided, for a change of pace, she would begin to experience bouts of intense suicidality.
  4. She thought it would be a good idea to experience first hand what a mental institution was like.
  5. She wanted to get back at her parents for the supportive, caring things they had done for her as a child.
  6. She wanted an excuse to not have sex with her partner.
  7. She wanted to meet new people with similar interests.
  8. She got worried her self-esteem was too healthy and decided she'd like to rectify the situation.
  9. She wanted to be different, special, and get lots of attention by becoming depressed.
  10. For a change of pace, she wanted to experience anxiety attacks so that her heart would race and she would have difficulty breathing.
  11. Her Christmas list was getting too long and she wanted an way to eliminate some of the names.
  12. She wanted somebody to blame for her panic attacks, compulsiveness, depression, and sexual dysfunction.

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