The "are you a recovered memory therapist?" checklist

© Lynn Crook, (crook@OWT.COM) "Journey", July, 1995, p. 12

Concerned about the controversy regarding repressed memory? Here's a quick quiz to determine if you have unwittingly become a "recovered memory" therapist. Circle the most appropriate response.

  1. A client says at the first session, "I've been feeling depressed. I read Courage to Heal, and now I wonder if I was sexually abused as a child."
    1. What makes you wonder if you were sexually abused as a child?
    2. I suspected that when you walked into my office. Close your eyes, relax, and I'll hypnotize you to see what you've buried in your unconscious.
    3. Before I continue with you as a client I must investigate your claims. I'll need corroborative evidence from you and I'll need to discuss this with your family members. Get on the telephone and search out any prior records that might indicate abuse.
    4. Courage to Heal causes all its readers to falsely believe they were sexually abused and these false allegations are tearing families apart. You're just trying to blame your depression on somebody else.
  2. Your client says, "I don't know if my memories are real."
    1. What causes you to think they're not real? What causes you to think they are real?
    2. Of course they're real! Your offender sounds like a real jerk. He was probably a member of a satanic cult and I'd bet you're a multiple.
    3. Without corroboration you can't be sure.
    4. I doubt that they are real. They sound pretty bizarre to me.
  3. Your client wants to confront his/her offender.
    1. What do you hope to gain from a confrontation?
    2. You should tell your offender what he did to you and how it destroyed your life. I'll tell him not to respond until you're through talking. Let's schedule this for next week.
    3. Tell your offender to bring his attorney so his rights will be protected.
    4. This will destroy your father and tear your family apart.
  4. Your client is considering filing a civil suit against his/her offender.
    1. What would a civil suit accomplish for you?
    2. Filing a civil suit is very empowering. I encourage all my clients to file.
    3. Did I mention that I've videotaped all our sessions?
    4. This will tear your family apart.
SCORING: Give yourself 1 point for each "b" you selected, 2 points for each "c", etc.
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