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International Centennial Conference on the Work of W. R. Bion

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Psycho-analysis itself is just a stripe on the coat of the tiger. Ultimately it may meet the Tiger - The Thing Itself - O.
(W. R. Bion, A Memoir of the Future, 1991)

Most people experience mental death if they live long enough. You don't have to live long to have that experience— all you have to do is to be mentally alive.
(W. R. Bion, A Memoir of the Future, 1991)

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  The Conference in Torino ... : what a nice memory! four days for working together, meeting each other face to face, sharing experiences, storing food for thought!
Many thanks for that to all of you. It has been your help in preparing it and your participation that contributed to make it so meaningful and rich!

Now it's time, once again, to work and to plan future issues.
This page has been wholly re-written and I should like it to become the main reference on the Internet for the students of Bion's work. Your help is - once again - requested and your suggestions welcomed to make it fit its aims for the best ...

Let's work together in setting it up! Write to me and tell me what you think about it ...

Thanks a lot!

* * * * *

  • We have been requested by many of you about the publication of the Proceedings of the Conference: actually, we don't mean to publish any complete edition, but general agreements have been signed for publishing the main papers and editing two volumes in English for Karnac Books and one volume in Italian for Borla (they should be available within the first months of 1998). More details as soon as possible ...

  • All the available papers presented at the Conference are now published on this site in HTML format. No further updating is currently planned.

  • An Internet Explorer Channel has been set up including all main pages of the Bion project. Subscribe to it and you will be easily and constantly updated ...

  • For any message concerning the Conference or this page you can use either my private address (Silvio A. Merciai) or (better!) the special mailbox which was set up during our meeting in Torino (Torino Bion Conference). The latter is still available, thanks to the generosity of SICAP Informatica and particularly of Denis Truffo.

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