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altered 4.viii.97

I hope to mount information about a diversity of pertinent books. David Kennard, Jeff Roberts and David Winter have shown the way, Bob Young (mirrored with his permission from the excellent Sheffield centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies site, and John Birtchnell have followed rapidly onto this site. Another book (which I haven't read yet) is Section member Richard Stern's latest book Overcoming phobias in which he describes his own highly successful CBT approach.

If you want your book publicised here Email a draft of what you want. If it seems non-libellous and has the HTML markup all done I'll mount it. If it's non-libellous and plain ASCII I'll mount it when I've got the time! Better still, you could use your browser to save the KRW book page to your hard disc, change the information to replace it with information about your book and send the resulting file to me by Email. Alternatively, and less forbiddingly if you're new to HTML, you could use the templates and instructions in the conferences information to put something together on your book.