2nd B.P.S. Counselling Psychology day

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Seasons greetings to all

A coleague and I are organising a second "Counselling Psychology" day at
the Elizabeth Gaskill campus of the Manchest Metropolitan University in
Manchester England on the 15th March 1997.

The day will start at 0930 for 1000 and will cover Issues and styles in
counselling Psychology.  Speakers are :-

Zenobia Nardishaw on Cultural Issues
Joadie Brennan on Family Therapy
Peter Matthews on his method of eliciting understanding "Whats in a name"
Maye Taylor on Feminist counselling
Ken Lewis on Cognitive counselling
Pat Didsbury on Gaining Chartered status

The cost is 15 (Sterling) which includes lunch and refreshments. 
Acceptance for CPD under the BPS has been applied for.

For more information or tickets contact Pauline Lloyd on 0161  247  2535 or
email on