Submitting conference information

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Mounted 13.ii.96, amended slightly 20.iii.96

I have previously put up information on a couple of conferences in well formatted HTML. I don't have time to do that for the myriad of wonderful sounding conferences that are happening around the place, so...

what I have decided to do until I can find some funding for secretarial/HTML assistance is this: if you Email me information I will put it up, if I have time I may do some absolutely minimal reformatting. Email it to:

Alternatively, most browsers will let you save a file to your local disk and many Emailers will let you Email me that file. SO...
you can download either the full HTML (a bit pretty on screen) template {7kb} and put in the information you want mounted where that makes sense and you can then Email it to me. Alternatively (but laborious and sometimes unreadable) you could send it to me on diskette if you or your Emailer don't find that process all that easy. As well as using that formatted example, you can use an easier template template {5kb} but it won't look as pretty to browsers.

Of course, if you think another existing conference page here looks exactly what you want then you can use that as a template. Equally, if you have already done your own HTML then I am happy to mirror it provided it is all in one file or, if it calls other files, they are supplied and the HREF calls are relative ones so they will work wherever I put the files.

I hope this is helpful.