Counselling in Primary Care Trust
First National Network Meeting

Friday 25th October 1996 at the University of Derby
Unit for Counselling Practice and Research 12.30 (Lunch) - 4.30

Primary care counselling services of all shapes and sizes are springing up throughout the country. The time seems right to start bringing together good practice through the sharing of experience. A national forum is one way of keeping in touch with local and national developments.

There are many key issues being aired at present which will effect future developments in counselling e.g. the bad press and the labelling of counselling as 'not proven', the need to develop qualitative as well as quantitative measures of outcome, relationships with mental health services, eclecticism vs'purism', targeting and managing a service etc.

You are warmly invited to an informal meeting to sound out the need for a national group looking at primary care counselling from the perspective of a good practice and practical help. Graham Curtis Jenkins has provided a list of service developers who may have sociable inclinations. He has also kindly offered to contribute financially towards the venture.

Annie Telford from the University of Derby has also kindly offered the use of a meeting room and will organise some lunch.


Laurie Davidson
Counselling Services Manager
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Phone: 01752-550741