5th International Congress on Constructivism in Psychotherapy

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In response to the call for more information about the 5th International Congress on Constructivism in Psychotherapy scheduled for Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 4-7 September, 1996, I wanted to share a few highlights and let people know where to write for more information. As the successor to other conferences in this series held in Memphis (USA), Braga (Portugal), Barcleona (Catalunya/Spain), and Buenos Aires (Argentina), the conference will continue the tradition of presenting leading edge theory and practice in constructivist models of therapy and research. Participants include major representatives of the varieties of constructivist experience, from radical to more critical and developmental perspectives. (Past presenters have included Maturana, Guidano, Fernandez-Alvarez, Feixas, Rychlak, Iba˝ez, Gonšalves, Mahoney, Mirˇ, Leitner, Greenberg, Kegan, and many others.) The internationality of the group is one of its real strengths, making for vital exchanges as well as a rich menu of workshops on therapy strategies, etc.

This year's conference is being capably organized by Mayte Miro, at the Universidad de La Laguna in Tenerife, and she would be happy to fax you information on the list of invited presenters, presentation formats, lodging costs, etc. Information is available in both Spanish and English, with professional translation into at least those two languages being arranged by Congress organizers. For more information, contact Mayte and her committee at FAX 34 (9) 22 60 93 01.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of visiting Mayte's university in the past at her invitation, and can assure conference goers of a warm reception on this beautiful volcanic island off the coast of Africa. The program will be very substantial, with high level symposia designed to focus participants on the prospects of exchange between constructivism and various areas of basic research in psychology, in addition to the therapeutic focus that has characterized all conferences in this series. Espero verlos alli!

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