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Searching, courtesy of Excite, up and running but not as I'd really like it (!!!)

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Our Web pages are devoted to psychotherapy, counselling and counselling/psychotherapy research and try to provide information on:

  1. things in the Section of Psychotherapy {4kb} and our related clinical bases
  2. things in Britain {3kb}, and finally
  3. things in Europe and elsewhere in the world {2kb}
If you want to be informed of changes here or have any thoughts about these pages then Email me: Apart from the organisation (above!) by proximity to our base here or searching, the following list gives another picture of what's here. Courtesy of Excite we have a professional looking search engine {1kb} but it's not entirely satisfactory and isn't <HEAD> keyword aware so I'll still have to resurrect the keyword searcher I wrote and lost in the computer unit hard disc crash (so much for my and their backup strategies!). The original keyword aware engine was Aliweb which still offers a reasonable search engine for sites like this that are registered with it. You can restrict the search to the domain "" on their search form if you want to search this site alone. They don't yet have phrase or Boolean searching and don't look like adding them so you might do better with the very fast Altavista which is now keyword aware. However, that's not obeying robot exclusion protocols which means its index for this site shows the visit statistics files it shouldn't be touching!

On my way to my own search engine I wrote a Perl program (keywords.prl {12kb}) which uses the (very incomplete) keywording of the files on the site to produce an alphabetic index {2kb} and shows the keywords as full phrases rather than broken up so you may wish to use that if you need to find phrases. It also generates alphabetical {11kb} and frequency {11kb} sorted lists of the keywords.

Another of my Perl programs, (words.prl {9kb}) creates a word index {1kb} but this points off to some very large files for some letters of the alphabet (650kb for "s"). A spin-off is the full listing of text words words.dat {516kb} sorted by descending frequency (and showing which words are excluded from the indexing - shown by a "b"). That may amuse fellow anankasts out there!

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