Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere
10th Anniversary Conference

The State Psychoanalysis Is In

Friday 22nd November 1996, 2.00-8 00pm
and Saturday 23rd, 1 0.00-5.30pm

Conference Centre, Duncan House, High Street, Stratford. University of East London, London E15

Sponsored by Free Associations Journal, The Human Nature Trust, and the Department of Human Relations. University of East London.

The conference offers a forum for the examination of psychoanalysis as an element in and of the public sphere. Papers wlll pursue psychoanalytic thinking across four strands relating to the public sphere:

Each strand will be followed by commissioned rapporteurs who will feed back their work into a plenary at the last session. To support this, the plenaries will involve structured debate rather than being platforms for keynote speakers.

Plenary Speakers: Mike Rustin and Bob Young on
The past, present and future of psychoanalysis and the public sphere

Papers will include:

Fee: £75 (British pounds Sterling) two days; £45 one day and concessionary.

For further information ring Joan Tremble on London 0181-849-3460 or email