Touch me I'm sick: Marginality and pathology in the new millennium

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Subject:          conference call on qualitative methods in South Africa

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Subject:      Touch me I'm sick

3rd Annual South African Qualitative Methods Conference
8 & 9 September 1997, Durban

The annual qualitative methods conferences have
become established as a venue for reflecting on and
intervening in the politics of knowledge production
in the postmodern era. Although organised from South
African psychology departments, the conferences
transgress such institutional and discursive
boundaries to include both academics and 'knowledge
workers' outside academia; established international
scholars as well as students; and mainstream
qualitative research together with novel
methodologies and presentation formats.

This year's theme, "Touch me I'm sick: Marginality
and pathology in the new millennium", is intended to
further explore the territories of normality,
pathology and exclusion. We are interested in how
'normal' and 'deviant' human subjectivities are
constructed in fields such as  medicine, psychology,
education and the media and how normal and deviant
identities are embraced or resisted in everyday life.
We therefore invite paper proposals in (amongst
others) the following areas: Race and gender studies,
radical psychology, anti-psychiatry, advertising,
interpellation & ideology, pornography/ antipornography,
ultra-violence, cybersex, sexualpolitik (queer
theory, transsexualism, homosexuality, lesbianism,
transvestism) and gay issues. The conference will
include space for photographers, film-makers and
other visual artists. Musical events will also form
an integral part of the conference.

The deadline for paper proposals is 31 July 1997. For
more detailed information please e-mail (or check out our web site

phone 27-12-4298085 fax 27-12-4293414)

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