From Changing People to Helping People Change: the Transtheoretical Model of Change in Action

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I would like to announce an upcoming workshop:

Title: From Changing People to Helping People Change:
       The Transtheoretical Model of Change in Action.

Date: November 12 & 13, 1996

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Cost: $125.00 before October 18, 1996
      $150.00 after October 18, 1996

Meal and Accommodation Packages are available.

This workshop will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the
Transtheoretical Model of Change.  Individuals will be given opportunities
to explore ways of applying this model to their personal work setting.
Topics covered will include:
        - Stages of Change
        - Processes of Change
        - Variables of Change
        - Levels of Change
        - Assessing Stage of Change
        - Matching Processes to Stages
        - Denial: An interactional phenomenom
        - Relapse: Recycling or Failure?
        - Implications for assessment, treatment, program development, 
          evaluation, training and prevention.

This workshop will be of interest to individuals working with people who are
attempting to change high risk behaviours.  This could include: counsellors,
psychologists, physicians, EAP counsellors, clergy, nurses, nutritionists, etc.

For further information please contact me by phone, e-mail or snail mail.

John Braun,
Program Director
Victoria Life Enrichment Society
Suite 211, 101 Island Highway
Victoria, B.C. V8N 3Y9
Phone: (604) 381-4343
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