European Council on Eating Disorders

by Chris Evans, mounted 12.x.95, last modified 17.ii.97

Psychotherapy and psychological handling remain the mainstay of the treatment of the eating disorders which, together with my continuing interest in the research and cultural questions they create, is the logic for our hosting information about the excellent "ECED". More information about ECED {6kb} is available including a statement of the aims {in 6kb}, activities {in 6kb}, membership applications {in 6kb}, steering committee {in 6kb} and publications. {in 6kb}

With the assistance of the editor, Bridget Dolan, ECED's newsletter of is being mounted here. The newsletters mounted to date are:

As Britt made lovely use of the Windings font in the original paper versions which I cannot (or haven't the time to?) convert to GIFs, the original Word for Windows 6.0 files are mounted here for those who would like to see them in their original glory.

We also have a cumulative contents page {4kb}.