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The ECED Newsletter has been mounted on the Internet at the address above along with the aims of the European Council and information about membership. This means people with access to the Internet can see the newsletters from Summer 1993 onwards, a cumulative contents page and (soon) a cumulative index of authors, keywords and words in all its articles. The Word for Windows files are also there so non-members can see the beauty of the Wingdings fonts used to embellish the text!

There have been 498 external visits to the pages since the end of July. Roughly a quarter have come from Britain, a third from or via the States, 14 from Norway, 10 from Sweden, 9 from Italy, 8 from Australia and visits have come from eight other countries to date. In November I posted announcements to the main Net search engines and indices which raised non-local visits to about 40 per week. I have suggested keywords eating disorder (or "eating-disorder" since most indices don't seem to store phrases), anorexia, bulimia, overeating, obesity and body-image. I suspect that the access rate will mount slowly as the pages get to be known and as they perhaps become useful even to members through the cumulative contents and indices. I would appreciate feedback and views on the possibility of having a ECED Listserv, Mailbase or Usenet group (subscription lists allowing everyone on the list to receive anything any other member writes to the list.) I am happy to do the sociopolitical and technological work for that if there is support for the idea.

Chris Evans,
Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
St. George's Hospital Medical School