European Personal Construct Association

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Sharing understanding and practice eds. Denicolo & Pope (1997)
Tom Ravenette: selected papers

The EPCA was created in 1990 when participants at that year's European based Conference on Personal Construct Psychology recognized the need for some more permanent professional association which could:

The EPCA mission statement is:

"To raise awareness of Personal Construct Psychology and its applications among Europeans, and to promote the exchange of ideas, information and training."


  1. membership database
  2. special interest groups
  3. national and international conferences which take place on alternate years
  4. newsletter which reports on national and international developments newsletter panel
  5. exchange of information about training courses in PCP
  6. mechanisms for professional and legal accreditation of people involved in psychotherapy
  7. reduced rates for EPCA conferences and the 1996 EPCA conference book
  8. reduced rate for subscriptions to the Journal of Constructivist Psychology
  9. reduced rates for EPCA Publications books

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in personal construct psychology, who feels comfortable with the values reflected in the mission statement, and who is willing to pay the fee. The membership fee is £10 for the 2-year period April 1996 - March 1998 inclusive for first time members and £30 for the 2 year period for renewing members.

The EPCA is coordinated by a guidance panel and the vital country representatives.

Anyone wishing to join should write to:

John Fisher: Membership Secretary
4 Marilyn Avenue,
Lostock Hall,
Tel Work [+44|0] 1772-855334
Home [+44|0] 1772-467198
Fax [+44|0] 1772-852924

For general enquiries, contact Nelarine Cornelius, General Secretary at:

Department of Management Studies,
Brunel University,
Middlesex, UB8 3PH,
Tel Work [+44|0] 1895-274000 x2445
Home [+44|0] 1865-53983

The next EPCA conference will be in Malta in 2000, contact Dusan Stojnov for more information:

Psychology Department Faculty of Philosophy Cika Ljubina 18-20 11000
tel Work [+381|0]-11-3282-777
Home [+381|0]-11-623-146
Fax [+381|0]-11-639-356
e-mail I'm indebted to John Fisher, editor of the EPCA newsletter for updating this information.

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