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Mounted 9.ii.96

Circumgrids is a package for PC compatibles. It was written by William Chambers in Turbo PASCAL (I'm almost sure!) and the executable has been placed in the public domain by him.

The program allows easy elicitation of a grid but offers no way of storing the results or of imputting data from disc. It conducts analyses of single repertory grids. Analyses include:

This is an unusually complete range of analyses. The program also has a superb database of references to grids and related matters.

The last address I have for William Chambers is:

William Chambers,
Department of Psychology,
University of South Florida,
8111, College Parkway,
Fort Myers,
Florida 33919,
The zipped archive of the program can be downloaded from here {89kb} or from the CTI initiative at York, U.K. I will mount pointers to an American location to reduce transAtlantic bandwidth when I can find one.

There is an independent review of the program: Glendon, I. (1991). Psychology Software News, 2(3), 88. They gave it:
Presentation: **
Content: **
I think their scale is a five star one.