Threat to psychotherapy services run from Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospitals

I am mounting some information provided for me by Ian Simpson and Hilary Beard about the current threat to close some and drastically reduce other psychotherapy services in the area to the East of us here. These are technically our competitors in "market think" but I am so clear that this threat should not be thought about in that way I am mounting this information. The gist is:
At a meeting of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority on 5th November 1996, a proposal was made to cut all psychotherapy provision within Lambeth Healthcare Trust and Bethlem and Maudsley Trust. Psychotherapy provision in Lewisham & Guys Mental Health Trust will also be reduced.

I have not had time to format these prettily but think they convey a worrying and important picture. I encourage people in this country to consider how they will deal with a similar threat locally and invite people everywhere to think about how short-term, local "market" thinking can threaten psychotherapy and counselling training and research. I am sure that the services would appreciate support, particularly well reasoned arguments to be sent to their managers and to the purchasing authorities.