Mounted by Chris Evans on 26.x.95. (Email me via this form). Last updated 21.x.2009
I had mounted some information about the BJP way back in 1995 to 1997 but people have been coming to me about the journal which I subscribe to be don't otherwise have any involvement in which is wasting time for them and me! Hence I've removed all I have here on except an article I did for them back in summer 1996 about the BJP and the internet which I'm keeping here as I think it is now of some historical and amusement value and a book review I did in Volume 12, Number 4, Summer 1996, pp.532-535 of "Ring of Fire: Primitive Affects and Object Relations in Group Psychotherapy" edited by Victor L. Schermer and Malcolm Pines.

The main sites for the journal now appear to be: