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Update 7.i.11

Since 2007 there have been a number of small tweaks and new things on this site, mostly at and I have just implemented honeypot attached to the network as my small contribution to reducing Email spam.

However, the latest big development is that a website for is now up and running. is led by Jo-anne Carlyle, who has, over the last decade or so, also been a great help in creating and I'm a minor player in Do have a look at the site

Update 30.viii.08!

Malay translation of the BSQ mounted


It's unlikely that I'll ever have a great deal of time to maintain and update this site in the foreseeable future so the paragraph below still applies. However, there are is one small and one large good development: I don't intend to spend time on much of the site so most of it will remain a historical archive really, however, I do hope to expand the R statistical and psychometric utilities over the next few years so I hope there will be things of current utility as well as historical interest!

Historical from 2005 and way before

This site is the very out-of-date transfer of the site I created when I worked at St. George's. It is devoted to psychotherapy, counselling and counselling/psychotherapy research and provides information on
  1. things in Britain,
  2. things in Europe and elsewhere in the world
I will be overhauling it comprehensively but that probably won't come until the new millenium (and might last another millenium!).

For now the following gives some picture of what's here.

Last updated 7.i.11. If you want to be informed of changes here or have any thoughts about these pages then Email me!

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