NETWORK: Newsletter of the Society for Psychotherapy Research U.K. Volume 6(1):2 March 1995. ISSN 1359-3706

Mounted by Chris Evans C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk in July 1995, as part of NETWORK 6(1) {3kb} mounted as individual file to help people with slow connections 8.ii.96

This is a small edition of Network rushed out to try to get Michael Barkham's announcement about nominations out as we should and to get a last minute reminder in about Ravenscar. Putting it together got delayed by various crises in my job so both pieces are very late: apologies to Michael and Rex. Talking of late, apologies to David Shapiro. His letter arguing for psychotherapy research in the Guardian (replying to an article titled "Affliction all in the mind"!) should have gone in the last edition but I mislaid my copy. The letter is still topical so I'm including it and hope it will stimulate a regular column promoting a campaign for psychotherapy research ("campaign corner").

Another piece may start a regular corner: I've put together something on Email and the Internet. This is very sketchy so I'd strongly enourage other users to tell us more.

People are taking up the challenge to review books; many thanks to Colleen and Gary. I haven't had time to collect a new pile of books to review so send me details of books you'd review and I'll see if I can get them (British publishers are generally O.K. if you've got a 'phone number, publishers from other countries can be difficult). There should be a new list of books in the next edition and a piece describing the structure of SPR(UK), its posts and current post-holders and how to get hold of us. Apologies to those who suggested books and not heard from me: you will. The ten or so people who offered to do the Linehan books should know by now that those went to the first person who'd offered (who then backed out and they're on their way to the second person!) Those who offered to review books but didn't include the hostage cheques should read the small print!

This is my third edition of Network, I had some feedback on the last two and I envisage doing about another three before I think it would be healthy for the steering group to canvass for new blood. That makes this mid-term in my eyes and I'd much appreciate feedback and letters for publication if anyone has the energy and time. I don't have illusions about how precious time is so anything received is much appreciated.

All submissions by mail should be sent to:

Section of Psychotherapy,
Dept. of Mental Health Sciences,
St. George's Hosp. Med. School,
Cranmer Terrace,
London SW17 0RE

Please put submissions on a DOS format 3½" or 5¼"diskette if you can. I can cope with most WP file formats though Word for Windows, RTF, Word Perfect 5.1 or ASCII are preferred. The 'phone and 'fax number is:

0181 - 725 2540

If you are 'faxing a submission from 'fax software please don't use italics and please do use a large font: nothing less than 12 point. If you're 'faxing from a conventional machine the dislike of italics applies and please use an even larger font if you have that sort of control of your typography: 14 point or more and please try to feed the paper as squarely as you can! The character recognition software I use appreciates large fonts and I don't have secretarial support so if I can use OCR it helps. Email should be sent to:


My ability to with MIME attachments and enclosures is improving but is still unreliable so send things as ASCII copy but try sending me the MIME attachment as well if you have it one of my preferred formats so I can try to work out more about what's going wrong with our MIME.

Chris Evans C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk