Random permutation of sequential numbers

Randomising numbers!

Lowest number in sequence:

Highest number in sequence:

Random number generator seed:

If you want to generate several different permutations of the same numbers, just keep changing the seed you use. Press to submit your query.

This program uses Perl to generate the random numbers. I've checked that it works crudely but have not checked the quality of the generator in Perl but would guess it's the same as the basic C generator and not bad on sequence. Bear in mind that all software random numbers generate quasi-random rather than truly random sequences.

The program would not have been possible without Steven E. Brenner's excellent Perl CGI-LIB library nor the whole WWW endeavour and the wonders of Perl.

Bear in mind I'm a psychotherapist, not a programmer or statistician and that I'm not worth suing if you don't like this. Specifically (getting formal now) what you do with this is entirely up to you and your own responsibility.

In the event you think it's good enough to use or improve, I'd appreciate you letting me know: http://www.psyctc.org/cgi-bin/mailto.pl?webmaster
You are welcome to use it provided you acknowledge use if you publish work done with it. You are welcome to republish it provided:
(a) you don't change it (without my permission)
(b) ... that includes keeping this restriction, and ...
(c) you don't make a profit out of it (without sharing it with me!!)

a copy of the program can be downloaded easily (http://www.psyctc.org/stats/random1.prl)