Why “pelerinage2016”?

Because this site started in summer 2016 when I retired from clinical work and, as I had long planned to, cycled from London to Compostella and started to teach myself about blogging and creating a personal web site. I’m not religious but was glad to make pilgrimage (pelerinage in French) to mark the huge change in my life. Stopping clinical work gave me an NHS pension but wasn’t about stopping work but about that work being research and about doing it, as far as I can, on my terms. This site is my personal site and complements my two other sites:

So now this has a blog that started on the pelerinage back in 2016 and continues sporadically with a diet of four “P”s: photos, politics, polemics and pontificating! There are some other things here but it’s mostly a personal blog site. Welcome!

Oh … that winking image: it was on the road at a highish and tough point in Spain on the pelerinage. I liked it sort of encouraging me on.

Creative Commons Licence

Everything I put on this site, unless I say explicitly to the contrary, is copyright to me but released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License so anyone can reuse anything without charge provided only that they (a) attribute its roots (a link back to here or the appropriate bit of the site and (b) make what they do with it available to others under the same conditions. Comments on the blog are, of course, the copyright of their authors and I can’t impose any licence conditions on them but I will assume they are probably posting in a similar spirit to mine but check with them if want to reuse their material.  You may need me to contact the person for you and I’ll happily do that.  See my Copyright and sharing blog post for a bit more on this.

In effect created 22/7/21 replacing an older introduction.