Now that I am working as a freelance researcher (as of 2018) much of my work relates to “CORE” see but this site covers all my non-CORE work here though there are often crosslinks to CORE. I have quite a mix of things here. If you don’t see what you want in the menus do use the search. The last of my sites is which gives intermittent insights into my non-work life!

Breaking news

Well the big news now (late 2021) is certainly that “the OMbook” is finally out:

Clicking on the image should take you to the SAGE page where you can learn more and is a fairly easy to remember link if you want to pass on the news! Apart from the simple fact that the book is out, this also means that the supplementary pages about the book are now official and live here as is the growing glossary (again, a fairly easily memorable link to that is The glossary is up to 140 terms and growing as fast as I can work on it! If you are interested in reviewing the book contact me and we are already exploring translations through SAGE and directly with a number of colleagues but if you would be interested in translating the book into your language, again, do contact me.

Two other things aren’t really breaking news as they have been around but largely covert for some time.

The Rblog/SAFAQ

One frustration for me was that it is surprisingly hard to merge the excellent output of statistical and graphical work you can get from the open source (i.e. free) R statistical system and Rmarkdown into WordPress (the software that creates all three of my sites). The R package Distill bypasses that so I have adopted it and the posts there are growing in number. They range from some decidedly geeky ones, e.g. “packages for packages“, to ones that might be of very general interest to people working with quantitative data, e.g. the “Spearman-Brown formula” or “Subscale/total correlations“. Have a look!

The R CECPfuns package

Part of the strength of the R system is that it makes it possible to create “packages” that extend its basic (and extraordinary) functionality. I am a terrible programmer but I had created a lot of R functions mostly for things I do with therapy data and I realised it was sensible, even for my own efficiency, to get rigorous about their quality and give them some documentation and that the way to do that was to roll them up into a package. It’s “CECP” because my main research colleague these days, Dr. Clara Paz from UDLA in Quito, Ecuador has been encouraging me and giving useful feedback. The package is still at a fairly early stage of development but it’s up to 22 functions. This is definitely only for people using R regularly but it may already be of some use.

Brief site history

This evolved from an ancient site that I would write in raw HTML. If you want to get back to the old site, go to, but I think it’s largely of historical interest now. I think the headings in the main menu for the current site cover my main areas of work and the things here that may be useful. Many main menu headings offer submenus.

Page and site created 2.i.19, last update 12.xi.21.