Zizek & Salecl at the San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies (10.iii.96)

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Subject:          ZIZEK and SALECL to speak in BERKELEY
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The San Francisco Society for Lacanian Studies is honored to present
SLAVOJ ZIZEK, PhD and RENARA SALECL, PhD, two internationally know
scholars on the writings of Jacques Lacan.

Dr. ZIZEK will present: "Why Lacan is not a Lacanian.":

Dr. SALECL will present: "Love, Desire and Drive."

Dr. ZIZEK and Dr. SALECL will be speaking at

          The International House
          2299 Piedmont Avenue
          Berkeley, California

         SUNDAY 10 MARCH 1996 from 1pm to 4pm

feel free to post this wherever it would be appropriate.

for more information, please contact John Gasperoni 415.281.9838 or
Anna Shane 510.525.7174