This file is part of the old INTRO.HTM started in about June 1995 by me, Chris Evans,". All of this introductory material for the site is now (16.i.96) in flux and this is a temporary rearrangement to minimise file sizes for downloading.

Introduction to these pages, HTML and the WorldWideWeb

These pages are being created and mounted by myself, Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy with a lot of tolerant help from our "WebMaster", Mark Preston in the Computer Unit here. I usually view them using NetScape but have had a brief look at earlier versions with Mosaic. They were prepared using the first public release version of the Internet Assistant for Word 6 for Windows (actually not supposed to be used with the British or any non-American version of Word 6 but has only given me one GPF in some very heavy usage). This is available from Microsoft's WWW site but I've found that you have to access that at times when people in the States and over here are most likely to be asleep to get in easily.

On the subject of Web browsers, I have come across two interesting developments, both courtesy of Adept Scientific and of Mathsoft. The former are the British distributors of the program Mathcad, the latter are its American creators. They have created a browser called Mathbrowser which allows interactive browsing of Mathcad mathematical notebooks. You can download the self-unpacking Mathbrowser file direct from me or you could go to Adept or from Mathsoft in the States (use whichever is closer to you to avoid the very choked net slowing things up for ever).

Mathbrowser goes some way to getting over the problem that HTML can't handle maths or algebra. Read the vendor's advertising {5kb}, translated to HTML to find out more.

I have put up a single demonstration Mathcad file (created with Mathcad 5+) which can be read and interacted with using Mathbrowser. It deals with multiple statistical tests and Bonferroni corrections. If you don't have Mathbrowser all you will see is that it is an ASCII file, if you do have it you can change any of the parameters you wish and watch the numbers and a simple plot change to reflect your ammendments. Go ahead! Other MCD files will be posted as I create them in the mcd directory {dir}.

It was the Adept site which introduced me to the public domain acrobat file reader ACROREAD which is available from locally or, if you can take the quite long waits to get a good link, from Adobe themselves in the States. This has many of the hypertext features of HTML but also gives very good resolution and virtually device independent storage of graphics.

I am experimenting with htmlchek an awk/perl script utility for some technicalities at them moment and have put the credit and pointer to it here. I will tidy this up in due course!

I would very much appreciate feedback to: me [if your HTML browser doesn't support "mailto:" then use a mail package and send to:]