Wisdom of years!

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I’ve learned a lot about data analysis from my errors, here’s what I wish I’d known earlier!

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This is just a little post to point to a new developing page “Wisdom1”(https://www.psyctc.org/Rblog/wisdom.html) in my little Rblog site. It’s a compilation of principles and rules to myself all of which I wish I’d learned earlier and which, I believe, save me weeks of time even though, sometimes, they can add minutes, occasionally hours and, once per project (writing DAPs & and DMPs: Data Analysis Plans and Data Management Plans) they may even take days. Very occasionally, when trying to simulate a project, they may take even longer but those, like long DAPs, may turn into papers in their own rights.

This will accumulate and I welcome comments and suggestions contact me, so I’ve made it a page not a post and I’m just using this to flag it up.

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