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Drawing a logo (and other circular things)

As title says: very simple stuff about circles in ggplot, does open up somne ideas about drawing therapy groups.

Derangements #2

Follows on from 'Scores from matching things'

Scores from matching things

Mostly about the method of derangements but some huxtable!

Reading data into R from M$oft Access mdb

Work in progress about reading data from M$ mdb file into R

Exact confidence intervals for difference between proportions

This describes the ExactCIdiff package, unpacks the arguments to the functions, looks at timings and notes an oddity, a typo I think, in the original paper about the package.

Pre/post analyses

Teaching myself about pre/post therapy change analyses using R. Probably the first of a series of posts.

Chance corrected agreement

Simple plotting of raw agreement and Cohen's kappa for various prevalences of the rated quality and only chance agreement

Data ellipses and confidence ellipses

This just clarifies the distinction between a data ellipse and a confidence ellipse, i.e. an ellipse describing the joint confidence intervals on two parameters of a model

Compiling packages reporting missing headers in windows

For anyone else who hits this and doesn't want to wait for someone to put the compiled package into CRAN


Code used for entries in the glossary for the OMbook

Subscale/total correlations

A look at subscale/total correlations in the null model

Spearman-Brown formula

How does internal reliability relate to number of items?

Compiling R on a Raspberry Pi 4

I thought I should document this process as it turned out to be fairly easy

Where to store different settings in Rmarkdown files

This may be of use to others but it's partly for me as I keep forgetting these and searching around for the .Rmd files in which I used the one I want!

Wisdom of years!

I've learned a lot about data analysis from my errors, here's what I wish I'd known earlier!

Making the CECPfuns package: my own usable package

This is very much work in progress so look for later posts about CECPfuns as well as this.

More piping, and rowwise()

This extends and introduces rowwise()

Why pipe? Why the tidyverse?

A short description of the post.

How I've done this

Just documenting how I have created these pages


A quick exploration of bootstrapping a Spearman and why you might, or might not, want it.

Handling overprinting

This is the first of my blog posts here, about the issue of overprinting and some ways to handle it using R and ggplot(). There's a small spin off topic on the impact on bivariate correlations and on linear regression of discretising continuous variables.

Nudging groupings on plot axes

How to nudge categories on an axis of a ggplot plot.

Welcome to CE Rblog

Welcome to my blog which I hope will be useful to people using R to analyse data

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An R SAFAQ: go to USE (menu above) to get advice on using this!