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  • Firstly: I am now getting several Emails a week, sometimes several a day. Some messages are spam and others are short to the point of being rude (sorry, I know you wouldn’t be, and I do know everyone is crazily busy but …. Please introduce yourself briefly so we’re humans. Tell me where you’re working and, just one sentence, how you work and use CORE instruments.)
  • Secondly: Before Emailing me please try the search facility for the site to see if what you want is here but not very obvious (tell me if you think I can make it more obvious).
  • Thirdly and vital: the more detail you give me about your question, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to help you, and without us having to exchange more messages!
  • Finally: to get to the actual form now, I’m afraid you have to give your Email address below and you then be sent a link to the actual form. (Yes, I was starting to get a lot of spam!)