Development history of these pages


There have been a lot of changes since 30.xii.96. I hope some people have seen some of them already.

the conference information is still being updated though I could do a lot more with a body to help!


Counsel.Lit launched on the WWW. Counsel.Lit is a reference database containing 1,677 references pertinent to counselling and psychotherapy in primary care and created by the Counselling in Primary Care Trust. This is a WWW search interface onto that database. It's not intended to replace MEDLINE, PsycINFO or the like but it's free for now and available to anyone with a WWW browser. This is a beta test interface, please let me know what you think

International Society for Psychotherapy Research mirror updated Includes information on the International Conference in Geilo, Norway, June 25th to 29th, 1997


Latest (Feb. 97) newsletter from the Counselling in Primary Care Trust mounted

Information on clinical services and registration bodies updated to reflect the arrival of the BCP, UKCP and IPN web sites.

Suitably balanced by the flippant Pink Practice's heterosexuality questionnaire strongly recommended for light relief but also a fun teaching resource!


SIGN-SPEAK list launched This list is for anyone with an interest, personal, practical or academic, in the interface between the Signing and Speaking worlds. This includes anyone in the 90% of Deaf parents who have hearing children and the 90% of Deaf who have hearing parents, and anyone else interested in the enormous amount that thinking about the interface can tell all of us about communication, culture, language, thought and feeling. Wonderful new angle on psychotherapy for me when I worked in a family therapy team for families with deaf members. Needs much more attention.


quasi random number generator will give you a quasi-random rearrangement of numbers between whatever bottom and top numbers you give it. E.g. you want to permute the order of presentation of 110 items to people to get four different orders: just give it 1 and 110 as the bottom and top numbers, give it a seed, and press the submit button, file the answer, give it a new seed, press the button again .... (we needed it for a study I'm doing!)


Mirror of information on the Centennial Conference on Bion in Turin, July 16th-19th 1997 and search of the abstracts


threat to psychotherapy services and training in Lambeth On 2.xii.96 I mounted various publicity documents relating to the sudden threat to close the Cognitive Analytic Therapy training and service and the group service in the neighbouring locality. The update as of 12.i.97 is that most of the C.A.T. service is safe (for now) but that most of the group service has been axed. Spectators beware!

Mirror of the PCP (Personal Construct Psychology) mailbase list which I now co-own mounted, includes hypermail archive of list and search of the archive


Server went down twice shortly before 'Xmas. Not clear why. Search for more ££s for dedicated and more reliable hardware/software underway.


M.Sc. and Diploma courses in counselling in primary care


threat to psychotherapy services and training in Lambeth I have mounted various publicity documents relating to the sudden threat to close the Cognitive Analytic Therapy training and service and the group service in the neighbouring locality.

24.xi.96 (and earlier same week!)


Server has done well for two and a half months then two local power failures in the last two days both outlasted by UPS reserve and when the server came back up it wasn't allowing anonymous access to the web site. Don't know whether that was hacking or just really bad luck with the power failure. Sorry to those who were locked out.


Mounted information about mirroring and index to mirrors here


Mounted mirror of International Association of Group Psychotherapy , a search of these pages here, original site is

Updated information about the freeware INGRID96 program:
tutorial and


Mounted mirror of Association for Specialists in Group Work , a division of the American Counseling Association, search of these pages here, original site is


Mounted mirror of International Society for Psychotherapy Research site, original site is

and mirror of Solution Focused Therapy site, original site is in the U.S.


Updated pointers: to things on the WWW and all categories of resources {10kb} and the search of all these pointers

Sorted out info. files into:


I have made a lot of changes in the repertory grids section incuding mounting a copy of the excellent freeware program for PCs INGRID96 (lots of graphics, you may want to switch them off if you're just peeking!) and the excellent commercial program GRIDCOR

At last I've also got access statistics working in some form again for those who want to look at the stats. for their own area.

I've finally replaced all the files that were at the location with tiny files that point to their new location on the server. That should mean the access statistics here climb as people are finally forced to transfer from the old server.


In the last week or so I've started mounting information on clinical services available in Britain and I've updated the information on the Cassel Hospital mounting their latest two newsletter issues as PDF files.

I wasn't being very good at documenting changes here between Feb. and April partly because there were so many (!). Then a catastrophic head crash on computer unit's server took out the main drive and revealed that they weren't backing up (and that I'd failed to get a name mangling problem (I think) that was preventing any easy way of backing up to my local drives).... NET RESULT ... I lost a week's work including all the work I'd been doing bringing this up to date. C'est la vie.


I have put a very simple silly SAS program to generate confidence intervals of means from output from SPSS DESCRIPTIVES!

(I know it's daft but I use SPSSX for Windows when collaborating with people who use that but I am so much more familiar with doing "quick and dirty" things in SAS than SPSS that computing the C.I.s was simply easiest like this)


Been a lot of good developments in less than ten days!!


The site is now developing in its beta test form on my NT machine with:
Update sent out to registered recipients 22.xi.95




Information about courses in Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic updated, all details now correct for next round of intakes including closing dates


Started adding information about journals {3kb} relevant to psychotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy research. I aim to put up current contents and editorials (and archive the old contents and editorials) together with the credits, subscription information, advertising information and instructions to authors.

To date we have information on:


New category of information with just the one item so far: Information about the European Council on Eating Disorders extended with general information about ECED {6kb} is available including a statement of the aims {in 6kb}, activities {in 6kb}, membership applications {in 6kb}, steering committee {in 6kb} and publications. {in 6kb} Also, as Britt made lovely use of the Windings font in the original paper versions which I cannot (or haven't the time to?) convert to GIFs, the original Word for Windows 6.0 files are mounted here for those who would like to see them in their original glory.
Update sent out to registered recipients 23.x.95




Update sent out to registered recipients 9.x.95


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