Clinically significant change criterion calculator

Mounted by Chris Evans in 1998, last updated 09.iv.11
The following form calculates this for you:
Is the measure tuned positively, i.e. higher scores = better or negatively, i.e. higher scores = worse?

Initial mean for your clinical sample (use full stop "." for decimal point throughout)
and their standard deviation

Initial mean for your "normal" reference data
and their standard deviation

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The program would not have been possible without Steven E. Brenner's excellent Perl CGI-LIB library nor the whole WWW endeavour and the wonders of Perl.
9.iii.11: Kudos to Joan Norrie from NZ for pointing out a silly labelling error that no-one else had reported in eight years people have used this program! The computed criteria have always been right but the output said "by criterion A" for all three criteria though it did label them correctly above the criteria! Thanks Joan.