2019 Alpine view timelapse videos

It’s great to be back up here in Aime2000 and able to start these again.

4th of August 2019.  Not a complete day: I only reconstructed the recording system some time into the day and I forgot that the old ‘phone has to charged continuously otherwise it dies, which it did. It’s been a bright day with few clouds and almost none in the portion of the day caught here but I still think the clouds constantly rolling off Mont Blanc are calming and lovely to watch. Swallows flick in and out, frozen momentarily at each point when the coincided with the ‘phone taking a shot.

5th of August 2019. Making progress on the technological side but “only” 12 hours here as I hadn’t noticed that the Framelapse pro settings had somehow changed so it stopped after 12 hours rather than waiting for me to stop it. Scudding clouds and sunbursts through them. Shame it lost the sunset.

6th of August 2019.  Oh dear, no video.  The software I have been using, timelapse pro, seems to have lost some abilities (isn’t that the way with software “upgrades”?!) and my attempt to get it to record the whole, rather wonderful cloudy day here, failed as it seems to have lost the willingness to record until you press the record button again which was what I used to do to try to get a pretty full sunrise to sunset day. After I pressed record I found I had a tiny video, a few seconds of what was clearly the start of the recording, and a bit from the end, and some corruption of the images as well!  OK, trying a different app today (7th), fingers crossed!

7th of August 2019. This was a damp day and at my level the clouds would billow up and surround us reducing visibility to a couple of hundred metres then lifting again to give a view into the distance. Mont Blanc remained covered all day. The sad side of this is, as ever, the technology: I swaped from FrameLapse Pro as it mangled yesterday, to Lapse It and it has left off the last few hours of the day and the recording quality is horrible: blocky and marred by weird contouring artefacts. The search for good IT goes on! Very frustrating.

8th of August 2019.  And the saga continues!  It’s been a gloriously sunny day here today but my woes with the technology I am using to create these videos continue so instead of all the daylight hours condensed into about five minutes, what you have here, if I understand the date stamping on the video, is the first 15 minutes or so, condensed into two. That’s not what I wanted! Adding insult to injury, somehow the ‘phone is now picking up some reflection of me inside the room off the double glazing. I don’t have a clue why that suddenly seems intrusive. And there’s flare and some of the “contouring” distortion there was yesterday, though less. Oh dear, is this one step forward and two back, or the reverse. On the plus side, I thought it was a glorious dawn and I guess this catches that fairly well!

9th of August 2019. Yesterday (9th) was a day of blistering sun so perhaps the clouds aren’t as interesting as they are some days. This is supposed to be taking an image every 5secs and it starts before sunrise but stops after five minutes which, at 30fps should have given us 12.5 hours but this clearly stops around or before midday! Sorry!!

10th of August 2019. This was a real hubble, bubble day until mid afternoon when the sun finally burst through. This is supposed to be every seven seconds but it’s still not got through to sunset in 4minutes and 20 seconds of video. Either I’m dumb or the app doesn’t obey its parameters! I will try longer delay tomorrow.

11th of August 2019. At last, I’v got dawn to dusk! 8 seconds between frames and 4 minutes of final video. Glorious day with some lovely if brief rainbows towards the end. I didn’t see them live as I was cycling up the road but as not unwelcome rain hit me and the sun still shone I thought there would be!

12th of August 2019. A damp day of seething cloud and periods of complete white out made quite a dramatic video.

13th of August 2019. I missed the very first light but I really like the first minute or so here: the sun catches an extraordinary bubbling up of clouds from down in the valley and the theme of the day seemed to be of cumulus building much higher than usual, as if someone had the flame under the cloud cauldrons on too high.

14th of August 2019. I think that’s an amazing dawn and sunrise. Hm, which is which here? The sky lights up quite a bit before the sun actually emerges above the crest of the little peak and ridge to the right. Symmetrically, there’s a very satisfyingly seamless dusk and sunset. In between it became a fairly fiercely sunny day but the clouds bubbled away though slowly drying away in the heat.

15th of August 2019. Another beautiful dawn then quite a cloudy day and I found myself watching the shadows the clouds stippling, dappling and finally frankly scudding across the land.

16th of August 2019. Very little low cloud at all today so a very calm video. Another amazing dawn and the low cloud down in the valley burns off fast as the morning went on so my late morning cycle ride was in full sun. I like the clouds on the pasture slopes the other side of valley. I think I’m starting to understand a bit more of the physics of how, when and where they form!

17th of August 2019. Interesting day often with three clear layers of clouds (ignoring the contrails): fluffy short-lived low cumulus, a mix of higher “flying saucer” or lenticular clouds, and a lot of high cloud. That last kept the sun from really blitzing through until mid afternoon but even mid morning it dried my washing pretty fast! The whole day is bracketed by an eeyrie blue dawn and, with a quick brush of lovely pink, a fade out to a similarly blue dusk. Around 3 minutes and 40 seconds in Mont Blanc develops a particularly good set of clouds, almost stationary but not quite, very slowly reshaping and disappearing to the right. A bit before that there’s something I’ve not seen before: many of the low, rapidly forming and disappearing cumulus puffs have a sort of beret of lenticular cloud above them. I usually associate lenticular clouds with some sort of “stationary wave system” downwind of the mountain peaks. Clearly that wasn’t explaining these ones. Just when I think I’m intuiting some of the physics I realise I haven’t a clue!!

18th of August 2019. It’s been another very sunny day, another lovely dawn and dusk and a mix of cumulus scudding over speeded up here. Seen here, it feels like much more cloud than I remember as the day went by!