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Me enjoying discussion at SPR meeting in Santa Barbara back in 2002 (when I still had hair!)

Discussion at one day meeting in UDLA, Quito, Ecuador, 2019.

Here, are the links to the usual sites with information about me:

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I am very erratic in how much I update any of those I’m afraid.  Where those services search out my publications and list them for me that information may be more up to date than my data in my list of my peer-reviewed papers here . I am also mounting a current CV here (that version file date: 9/8/2021) and will try to renew that fairly regularly.  If you see a publication you think might be of use to you there or in my CV, get in touch with me.

Back in 1995 I had a question that was fundamental to what research I was doing: How do we know, or think we know, what we think we do?
That led into:
How and why do we communicate, as we do, about these things?
How and why do we feel, or not feel, about what we think we know?

It is a bit scary to think that 26 years have passed but I think that list is still my primary interest.  I’ve achieved more on the first and second points than on the third which is interesting to me now.

Professionally, I’m a medical psychotherapist, that’s to say, a medic who went into psychiatry and specialised in psychotherapy.  From 1986 I worked about half/half clinically and academically but I stopped practising clinically in 2016 and am now a freelance researcher.  As I had planned to do since my late teens, I marked stopping clinical work with a cycle ride from London to Compostella.  That created my non-work web site: pelerinage2016.  Public ruminations and products from all the other aspects of my life will continue to go into the “pelerinage” site if I can ever protect enough time for that!

The other web site I have maintained since 2015 is about the CORE system. The CORE system remains one major thread in my research work and I use that site to address work I’m doing there, much of which doesn’t fit into academic papers.  This site (i.e. www.psyctc.org/psyctc/) covers all the other work I’m doing. Some of this overlaps into CORE but only as CORE is provides an instance or focus for the issues.  The tools I sometimes create are almost all generic and so don’t really belong in the CORE site so I hope to provide more of them here as I get on top of the technological challenges of getting things on the web.